All I ever wanted was a baby brother....

When Robyn was 7 her parents welcomed her 1st sibling, Robert Roosevelt Bouie.  Robyn and Roosevelt were extremely close and it was while Robyn helped take care of her younger brother that her passion for children developed.  

Robyn always wanted to remain close to "Velt" but that was unfortunately cut short when he died suddenly of Swine Flu in 2009 after coming in contact with the disease while rooting on his hometown football team.  

Before Roosevelt's passing, he made a tremendous impact on people of all ages.  He would give his last to bless his nephews with Christmas and birthday gifts and he absolutely loved children!  He would have loved DroneGenius and seeing children learn to fly and play while learning technology.  He was such a techie!  

In honor of Roosevelt's beautiful memory, we would like to offer The Roosevelt Scholarship.  

If your child is interested in DroneGenius but you are unable to afford our program, please write to us at and tell us your situation.  Scholarships are limited and will be granted with discretion based on need.


In loving memory of my first student

~Robert Roosevelt Bouie Jr. - 1982-2009~