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bridging now to the future

About Us

At DroneGenius we are passionate about bringing innovation to the drone and coding industry. We start by bridging your child's budding imagination to the future he or she will build.  We use drones and cutting edge technology to excite the mind, delight the sense of wonder, and inspire thoughts of what could be. 

That's right! Your child will be flight designing and operating an assigned drone almost right away!

Our cutting edge and innovative solutions are helping children learn, helping industry professionals accomplish their goals, and making the workforce stronger.

I have loved watching my son develop solutions to the weekly challenges and projects. He loves the games, too!
— DroneGenius parent



Our drones are intelligent, light weight, and built for the task.  With our smaller drones, children will have fun, solve challenging problems, complete tasks and projects, and learn the importance of coding, math, and planning. With our industry drones, professionals are capturing precise data.


Your child will engineer solutions to weekly challenges and projects designed to challenge his mind and peak his sense of wonder.  Every child works and learns in their own way.  Our mentors are trained to find strengths +work at each young pilot's pace.

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We use age-appropriate coding software designed to introduce this rich and important language to your child.  Coding moves every bit of technology in our world.  At DroneGenius we are committed to teaching your child the beauty and power of coding languages.

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DroneGenius uses flight-sim-ware for practicing before going "live."  We then move into actual drone flight planning software to play fun games and accomplish missions.  The flight software is easy to operate yet robust enough to grow with more seasoned pilots.


Girls and Boys ages 7 - 12.


Children will build their own future.  DroneGenius fosters children's sense of wonder and teaches them how to make dreams become reality.

  • During our After School Enrichment program your child will have the opportunity to fly drones, learn coding, and have loads of fun!

  • DroneGenius Summer Camp is offered at convenient locations in your area.  New venues are being added all the time.


*Register HERESpace is limited.*



Your child's progress will be recorded and maintained for you to see after each session.  We use tracking software to pinpoint your child's understanding of the lessons.


New uses for drones and coding languages are being imagined everyday.  Your child could be an innovator in these industries.


a budding industry

More and more, drones are being looked at to accomplish tasks that increase productivity + keep humans from harmful scenarios.  The future will need drone operators in a large range of professional sectors + will need imagineers who will create new uses + new possibilities.

a proven industry

Code moves the world around us.  From cellphones to spaceships, it's the language of making things happen.  At DroneGenius we are committed to share with your child the beauty and power of this increasingly important language in a way they can understand.